We have seeded clouds in the sky to protect your data high.

We have understood that cloud does not solely operate on infrastructure. That is why we have used specialized technical skills to manage the infrastructure and applications in data engines and ecommerce platforms.

We are not mere service providers but we are Cloud Providers. We develop a strategic roadmap focused on addressing key aspects of your organization’s IT set-up

  • Security
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Downtime Exposure
  • Manageability

E-mail Solutions

Nowadays e-mail has become an essential tool to communicate with clients. But how far the message we send is secure? Relax. We HEAR you. We are HERE for you. Our secure e-mail applications seamlessly gel with any electronic gadgets across operating systems.You can miss your MEAL but cannot miss your MAIL.

Hosting and Domain

At YST we provide one-stop solution to all your web hosting and domain registrations. We have complete and comprehensive packages to suit all your online presence. Being a host, YST provides resource upgrades and round the clock security monitoring to your domain.

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